Friday, October 02, 2009

Quoting Stella #5

I have been compiling a list of funny things Stella has said lately. Really everything she says is funny because I wonder how so much can be going on in such a little brain. These aren't from the list, because of course I can't find it... but they're cute anyway.

At breakfast she said two funny things:
1. She had drawn a picture and I was asking her about it (because I didn't know what it was.) She said, "Its a boat with a string hanging down. Don't you wish you could draw that?" long pause "You can do it. All it takes is a little practice."
2. Again At breakfast: "Mommy, can I make lunch for you?"
"No, its breakfast time. You can make lunch at lunch time."
"But I really want to make you some lunch... Are you 'firsty'? Can I make you your favorite drink?"
"Well, I already have a coffee and a milk. I think I'll wait a little bit. Thank you though."
"Well, you just let me know if you get 'firsty' or if you need anything else, OK?"
She made me a drink anyway... and it was good.

Later in the day she said, "Mommy, I sure do like your dress. Where did you get that?"
"Umm, thanks, I got it at Marshalls."
"Oh, Marshalls? Just like Rachel Zoe, where the girls wear those beautiful dresses and they walk like this (insert runway walk attempt here)!"
"Yep, exactly like Rachel Zoe."

Before bed one night we were reading Beauty and the Beast and Stella had some questions about Gaston. She doesn't understand dating or boyfriends, nor does she need to for another 20 years, but she really needed to figure Gaston out. She asked why Belle didn't like him and if she didn't like him b/c "he probably had a bad temperature." Then she asked if he was trying to take Belle "like to dinner and stuff." Ha! I guess she understands more than I thought...

One day in the car she announced from her car seat, "Mommy! Boogers suuuuuure do like to live in noses don't they?!?"

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