Sunday, October 18, 2009

mercy, mercy, me

My life is whizzing by me. Where is the slow motion button? I can't seem to get a second to catch my breath. So much has gone on since my last post and I hate it when that happens. I need to blog so I will have a record of what happened. Lord knows my memory is not doing the job.
This last week was a doozie to say the least. After an amazing girls trip to NYC with Lane and Emily I was looking forward to be home to see everyone. Michael called to let me know that Yates had a fever so I knew that I might have a sick baby waiting on me when I got home. That was only the beginning of it.
Lane, Emily and I managed to miss our flight home... the "last flight of the day out of JFK" and were told to try to get a flight in the morning. We all freaked out big time, but got our tickets changed, hustled over to LaGuardia and finally did make it home around 12:30am. We missed our collective 6 babies' bedtimes but were so relieved to have made it home at all.
Throughout that first night home, Yates did have a really high fever and was waking up and crying every hour and a half through the night. We got SJ off to school and took Y straight to the dr Monday morning. Diagnosis, strep throat, which is not common in babies his age. We got him started on an antibiotic and should have been on the road to recovery. Not so much. He had an allergic reaction to his medication that caused a terrible itchy rash all over his torso, back, face and head. I took him back in to the dr on Wednesday. Got a new antibiotic to try and the same thing happened, even worse this time. Also on Wednesday, Michael came home from work not feeling well. By the end of the day Thursday, Michael and Yates were both super sick and rashy and Michael's parents were on their way to babysit for us while we went to a wedding in Lubbock.
Friday comes and I take Michael to the dr. Oh yes, he has the swine flu. Not just the plain flu, the full out swine flu. The swine flu is typically not treated unless you are pregnant or your wife is pregnant apparently, so we are both now on swine flu medication. Those were prescriptions numbers 3 and 4 since Monday. We get M back home and sequestered, cancel all of our weekend wedding plans, call the kids' schools and take Yates in for his 3rd dr visit in a week. I have to go get him another prescription, number 5 that is. Oh wait, I forgot to mention that during all of this my prenatal vitamin was making me violently ill. I mean serious throw up about 5 minutes after taking it. And I couldn't sleep in the swine flu bed so I slept on the couch in the playroom. I am happy to have learned that at 5 am an elephant starts to trumpet in the playroom.
Now its Sunday night. Yates' medication is finally working and he had a great day today. Michael is doing much better. I'd say he's about 60%. SJ is a fortress of health and is completely healthy, thank goodness. No more prenatals for me and I get to sleep in my own bed again (after some serious sheet washing and sanitization of course), yay.
Mommies are amazing. I survived the week and my baby didn't even fall out. On we go to a healthier, happier week.

Here are Stella and Yates in their favorite outfits. "Princess" and "Man"


Lane Olson said...

SO sorry you guys have been sick. not fun at all. Y's little man outfit cracks me up. where does he get that?

meredith said...

I have no idea why he so obsessed with all things "man." I guess its a good thing, but its a losing battle with his clothes already. I mean, choosing an entire ensemble at 20 months is a little much.