Friday, March 14, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

I was so excited about today's Easter Egg Hunt b/c I thought it would be fun of course, but I also was looking forward to having a good story to post. Well, I'll start with the good stuff. It was fun. The babies looked really cute. They matched each other and even their easter baskets. There was a petting zoo with baby pigs, goats, chickens (rainbow chickens), ducks, bunnies, guinea pigs... lots of animals and it was adorable. Stella loved it but we weren't able to stay and play as long as she wanted to b/c brother was outside of the fence in his stroller crying. It was sad (little did I know) b/c I did not want to leave Yates outside of the fence alone and I had to go into the petting area with Stella. I didn't now what to do. Luckily, a friend was standing outside of the fence and offered to watch Yates for us while we went in. When we had to leave, poor little Stella was crying, "More chickens please, please more chickens." : (

Anyway, we proceded to hunt the eggs. Stella was fabulous. We got all positioned in front, patiently waited for the nice Pi Phi lady to say 1,2,3 go and off we went. Stella got lots of eggs, thus lots of candy... ugh. Sweet brother slept in his stroller for us. We played with our friends for a while and ate lots of candy then decided we should go. It was a little chilly and very windy. But, we started heading for the car and spied a slide, so we had to go do that for another 30 minutes. Ok, so we did the slide and now really we needed to go. Brother had come out of his seat and was super hungry. We are walking to the car... This is where it all goes bad. (Keep in mind, I'm not wanting to tell this story to anyone so maybe typing it will be easier.)
i hope you're sitting down... when we were leaving the playground, stella refused to walk about 1/2 way to the street and i was walking a bit ahead of her. i locked the wheels on the stroller and went back to get her, turned back to check on the stroller when i was about... i don't know... too far away and it was rolling toward the street! i took off sprinting and didn't make it. y wasn't strapped in b/c i was going to nurse him and change his diaper when we got to the car. the stroller completely flipped over and he flew out and went tumbling through the dirt about 6" from the street. it was AWFUL! i scooped him up and he was screeeeaaaming. i went back for stella and she was crying. some lady picked up my stroller and all of my crap, then some other lady came and took yates away from me b/c stella was sitting in the dirt also screaming and still refusing to walk. it was soooo bad! she put y in the stroller and we made it to the car. we all got in somehow, crying and shaking and just sat in the car crying... all of us. he has a red spot on his eyebrow, but he is perfectly fine other than that. i feel soooo terrible and delinquent.
We did make it home, I somehow managed to cook dinner and spent the rest of the night holding Yates and watching for any weirdness that might be caused by ones mother letting one fly through the air and land in a pile all covered in dirt when you're only 7 weeks old. Uh, it makes me sick.
So... just call me Britney. Big. Fat. Stupid. Easter Britney.


ariele post said...

first of all you look great by the way,andhow cute are stella and yates. oh please, i could tell you tons of stories like that :) and somehow they manage to survive :)

too cute!

Victor, Wendi & Ella said...

So when Ella was a baby I sat her on the counter in her Bumbo and somehow she fell out on the tile floor! All the way off the counter. I think I cried for like two days! They always seem to be ok, they are like rubber when the are little! You look great! XXOO~Wen