Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Normal? Normal...

Today was a full day. We ran lots and lots of errands. Usually we can only make two or three stops before something goes haywire. We managed to get away without Yates' flip flops, but lucky for us we store no less than 10 alternative pairs of shoes in our car. We were able to adjust and wear our fireman boots all day instead. This was great because they matched his pajama shirt he chose to wear today so well.

I don't even think I can remember what all we did today because we did so much. I do know that we made some returns, some purchases, handled some franchise tax issues, went potty lots of times, had lunch at Cafe "Buffetts" (Express) which ended abruptly by Yates throwing up in his bowl of macaroni, sat on the phone with Canon... twice, sat on the phone with the Texas Controller's office... twice, went to the bank, shipped a package, ordered some gifts, went to try on new swimsuits for mommy, cleaned up Sasha pee, stripped and washed some cushions she tee teed on, made dinner, picked up the house, bathed 3 babies, brushed some teeth, cut Stella's hair, rescued Rex from sucking on a battery, put all three babies to bed, and of course I got pooped on. Now I am waiting on Michael to get home. I guess it was just a normal day ; )
If I ever do have a real normal day again, there is no telling what I will do. I'm vacillating between writing a book and becoming a full-time-crazy-cigarette-smoking-up-all-night-artist. Fortunately for my family's sake, I don't have time to succumb to either of those urges.

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