Thursday, June 04, 2009

I would like to start by saying how amazing my babies have been for weeks!!!  I don't even get it.  Its like a switch flipped and now they're angels.  They let me do things, like shower and its is hilarious.  They sit on the rug on the bathroom while I shower, sitting side by side and play, or S will read to Y.  Today we went to run a few errands and they held hands as we walked way across a parking lot.  It probably sounds ridiculous for that to be a big deal, but it is.  Its huge.  Usually Y yells anytime S touches him b/c she is always rearranging whatever it is he is trying to do and usually if she tries to hold onto him, he'll just bite her.  Those probably aren't the best examples but the first ones to come to mind.  

Stella is turning 3 in 3 days.  It doesn't seem like she should be 3, but she acts like she's 13 so its not that shocking really.  She is obsessed with being a ballerina and I am thrilled.  I would love for her to be a ballerina.  She starts her first class on Tuesday, so we'll see how it goes.  She's not the best at going with the flow in a group.  Maybe this will help.  S is so helpful and thoughtful and sweet these days.  She surprises me with something new every day.

Yates is getting so big.  He is so sweet and is the hugest extrovert I have ever known in my entire life.  He could be super fussy, but take him around some people and he turns it on.  He flirts so hard with people he gets totally locked up and forgets to function.  He is learning lots of words and the ones he chooses are pretty funny.  Yesterday he was trying to hit S in the head with one of those noisy popcorn popper push toys.  I was blocking her head while she was concentrating on a Carebears movie and trying to not make a big deal out of him taking whacks at her head.  I thought he would see that it wasn't going to work and forget it.  He wouldn't give up so I told him to stop and that he isn't allowed to hit.  He pursed his lips and said, "Toy, not nice."  I had to laugh.  Y is really funny about his clothes.  During the day sometimes he'll walk up to me and ask me to remove some random article of clothing for him.  So lots of days he is running around with say a shirt and one shoe or a diaper and two shoes or some play jewelry and shorts.  He is fu-nny.
We have been so busy, here a few highlights:

Mini Vacation to Suzie's house

Yatsie-poo having so much fun with the water gun.

painting outside.  this lasted all of about 3 minutes...

screaming in the closet... why not?
pre-game cheers for Daddy's soccer team
playing in the goofy baby pool
Memorial Day Symphony and Fireworks.  So much fun.

Dance Party complete with "ballerina skirt," high heels, hello kitty band-aid, rings on every finger and classical music.

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Lane Olson said...

yay! a new post. please, please, please get your babies to tell mine how to be angels. well, one of mine. i won't say which ;) a sweet. i still want to be one too.