Thursday, February 12, 2009

where do i start?

I have been the worst blogger of all time for the last... forever.  Every spare second I have goes to choosing something for the house or to doing something I should have done weeks/months ago.  I don't think I can recap everything I have missed, but will say how big, my baby is getting.  Yates is acting like such a big boy and is trying to talk.  I think we have another organizer on our hands.  Tonight he was finding random things under a bathroom sink, bringing them to me to "talk" about them, and then he would take them right back where he found them.  I, being a complete mess, think that whole idea is amazing.  Take something back to where it came from?  Crazy!  He really loves putting things into containers and putting lids on things.  He also loves to color and write.  Stella didn't really care much about coloring at 1, but like today I was holding a pen while walking and holding Yates.  He wanted it so bad, so I closed it and gave it to him.  Then he "told" me that he needed some paper.  Got him a little piece and away he went.  I can't wait to move out of this rent house and have our life, toys, things, furniture, normalcy back!

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