Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big Day 2

Before I get into our super big day, I want to share Stella's current mantra.  It goes like this, "No nyap, no bass.  No nyap, no bass.  No nyap, no bass.  No nyap, no bass..."  You get the picture.  Translation: no nap, no bath.  I mean, seriously.  She wakes up saying this, just comes up to me throughout the day saying it, says it in the car, in her high chair, outside, when we're changing her diaper... all the time.  What is the deal?  I really don't get it.  Ok maybe naps aren't fun, but a bath is no big deal.  You would think we were doing something terrible to her the way she goes on and on.  I'm sure this will pass just like everything else, but goodness!Ok, so the first event on big day 2 was a trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo, which was fabulous.  We saw all of the major animals and the favorites were the "min-tees" and the "gear-affs." I wasn't expecting so many animals and so many of each species.  They had 6 elephants... that seems like a lot.  Stella insisted on walking almost the whole time, but remember she isn't even 2 and she's pretty nosey.  So walking was very laborious with lots of stopping and staring at other people.  Now these other people were quite a sight all on their own.  Michael and I weren't sure what the deal was, but we've never seen such an abundance of unusual, how can a say this nicely... weirdos!  Gah-lee!  No wonder Bean was staring, right?  So, we made it about 75% of the way through the zoo then decided we better run home for naps. 

Nap time was successful so on to phase 2 of our big day... Our 1st Family Baseball Game!  We had gotten awesome seats from a friend, right behind home plate and really close.  
We were excited, but someone got up on the wrong side of her nap - big time!  Everything was a no and she seriously screamed and cried hysterically in her car seat the entire way to The Ballpark.  Michael kept saying, "Do we need to turn around?  I'm turning around.  Do we need to turn around?  We can just go back home."  I took a chance and said no, lets just keep going.  Anyway, we made it in one piece.  One of us was shoeless, but we were all there and no one was crying.  We got all situated in our seats and Stella loved it!  Her Gabby will be so proud.  She loves baseball.  Brother is going to need another trip before he makes up his mind.  
He was not a big fan of the noise level and got pretty upset every time the crowd got loud.  I spent the entire game fetching concessions and only saw about 30 seconds of the actual game.  Stella had her 1st cotton candy and baseball game hotdog.  She loved them both, however they precipitated a trip to the ladies room... just another adventure.  The best part being that on our way to powder Stella's nose we ran into "A BIG FUFF!!"  (The Rangers "big horse" mascot).  He touched her on the head and she hasn't stopped talking about it yet.
I don't know where we got the courage to try to do so much in one day, but it turned out pretty well.  (FYI, That is not Yates in the picture with the BIG FUFF.)


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Your fam is so cute! Love reading your blog! XO~Wendi

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