Friday, February 04, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Daddy came home from work early today. Blizzard of 2011. I'm sure the neighbors love us : ) Or feel sorry for us for being completely loony...

I have been so busy trying squeeze in all of the things I want to do with all of the things I have to do. pant, pant, pant. I'm doing it. I'm doing it. It can be done... Me and Mrs. Phaedra Parks "really can have it all"... if only I could say it like she does. Totally kidding, but I do loooove me some real housewives... all of them... all of the cities... love!

New Toy Tamer Shelf... built by me, all 425 lbs of it : )

The kids are all fabulous. Stella is her usual literal, bossy, domineering self. We like to think its not her fault. Its her birth order/ only girl/ little mommy complex. We really do stay on her to keep her from absolutely crushing her brothers with her sheer presence. She is precious, perfect, thoughtful, loving, sweet and most always has the best intentions. Its just that people don't always want their stories finished for them or their imaginary game rules changed or the light switched flipped 1/2 a second before they could reach it on their own or to be talked over or overruled or wrapped in beads or reeled into a race or surrounded by unusually high volume/and rate of motion. She is a force for sure. Brilliant as ever, she asks questions like, "Mommy what is mortal?" before I even open my eyes in the morning... and she's only warming up.

Yates is still reveling in his birthday glory. He loves to push the boundaries as far as he can. He is dying to know what happens when you get to the 3 of 1,2,3. He doesn't mind being corrected for the same issue 2 million times a day. It just doesn't phase him at all. He will wait for ever for his chocolate milk if he isn't quite ready to ask for it politely. He likes to ask for something (without the please) be corrected for the missing please, then just say, "please." I think he is totally cheating the system. I'm onto it and it isn't going to fly. New rule. I need the whole sentence with the please all bundled up into one polite package. We do this literally 8000 times a day. Wouldn't it be simpler to just say please the first time? You'd think. Y is still very cautious, but strong willed at the same time. He completely lost it the other day when I wouldn't allow him to shimmy/tiptoe (barefoot of course) along the 2" outer edge of the cooktop, barely holding on to the ventahood while I was boiling a pot of water. Really? Does anyone else see this as uber dangerous and completely out of the question? Y rationalized that he had no intention of falling and hurting himself so why couldn't he just walk around up there with the boiling water and FIRE. Call me crazy. Y has started gymnastics and really loves it. He is the only kid in his class and I think its good for him. Lots of attention!

Rex, oh Rex. Another force, tasmanian devil in the flesh on a permanent seek and destroy mission. Now he can wreck some stuff... like we needed any help. He really loves all things crash, smash and bang. He really ought to look into adding a word or two to his vocab. uh-uh-uh isn't descriptive enough. He picks up on everything swirling around in here, knows how to hold and shoot a toy gun and is a professional truck scooter arounder complete with sound effects. If you can make truck sounds, you really should say a word or two. One of the cutest things he does is start waving when he is tired. Nap time or bed time he will get his paci and giraffe binky and just start waving. See ya! Another funny thing he does is pull up on his shirt when he wants to be taken out of his high chair. He is the perfect candidate for baby sign language. Someone ought to teach him that...

teensy little side note. starting a new blog, cause i'm so current with this one, for my new art expedition ; )


Lane Olson said...

what a good daddy! and you are doing it all perfectly. i need tips.

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