Monday, January 31, 2011

Yates is 3!

Happy Third Birthday Yates!

I really don't know where the time has gone with Mr. Yates. It just doesn't seem like he should be three. He is delighted to be three and we celebrated his big day as hard as we could. Stella suggested to Yates that he should have a fireman party and that was all it took. We had a great day and a super fun party with all of our friends and family.

Sitting in the firetruck with Stella

We had some of Yates' favorites, pizza and brownies and lots and lots of firetrucks. A fireman friend, Brian, loaned us all of his real fireman gear and gave us fireman coloring books and crayons. He even included a real patch (that Yates wore on a tshirt) and a Dallas Fireman tshirt. So, so generous! We rented a huge firetruck bounce house that was super fun. I think Michael played in it for at least 2 hours. The biggest surprise was having the fireman from our local fire station stop by in the huge fire engine. Bop and Gabby delivered a bribe earlier in the day and begged them to stop by if they were available and they did. I had already given up on the idea after calling every Dallas Fire Dept # I could find and being told "no way" over and over. Leave it to Bop. The kids loved seeing the fire engine and getting to climb through it.

The dudes hanging out with the firemen

Aside from the fabulous celebration we have the real Yates. He is a very sweet and sensitive "big" boy. (He is not little if you ask him!) He is a non-conformist for sure. He is coming out of a very frustrated stage that we are still working through. With a super sized personality as a sister and baby brother I know Yates feels the squeeze no matter how special we try to make him feel. Luckily his daddy is a middle child and turned out fantastically. Yates has an amazing imagination and plays soooo hard. It is so cute to listen to him playing and to the scenarios he is creating. He is so thoughtful and gives the best hugs. He says he learned those hugs from his school... really? Yates is a master noise maker and does the best helicopter sounds among many others. He "does not like his bed" and sneaks down stairs like a silent ninja multiple times eeeevery single night. He loves going to the grocery store and detests school mornings (understatement of the century). He has the best laugh and gets tickled so easily. He is my sweet big boy. He has taught me so much about raising boys and about how far patience and understanding will go. Happy Birthday Yates! We love you!

Climbing/screaming on the awesome jungle gym from Gigi and Gabby

Happy Birthday and Good Morning Shot #3

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Bike

The Men Playing Firetrucks...


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