Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. For my birthday I am collecting baby items for a dear friend, Robin Hancock, who is the founder and director of Acacia Tree in Uganda. She has always loved babies and now saves lives every day.

"We focus on giving loving care to abandoned, orphaned and severely malnourished children under 3 years old. Whenever possible, we try to help infants stay with their families by providing formula, bottles, clothing, etc. AcaciaTree will also provide a home for up to 10 babies who have no one to care for them."

I will be picking up baby items on Friday, Oct 29th, then delivering them to Robin's family in Fairfield on Saturday. If anyone has things I can pick up please let me know.

I asked for a list of items from Robin and here it is:
we have babies 0-3 years. Most of the kids are so malnourished when they arrive that they wear size 3-6 or 6-9 months no matter how old they are. We could use sleepers in that size. Boys & girls.
Here are a few other things:
-toys for 6-18 months
-FuzziBunz cloth diapers size Large (a dozen)
-bibs (for babies just starting to eat but with plastic backing to stop food soaking through!)
-toddler bibs with the pocket to catch food
-travel swing

Also, we are fundraising to pay for our rent a year in advance. Right now we are paying every three months and struggling a bit since its $2400 at a time. We'd love to pay for a year and not have to think about it until next year! So if people you know would like to get involved that would be a HUGE HUGE help to us! Our rent for a year is $9600. We'd love to have their contact info so I can send them my monthly email update too!!

If you don't have baby items you can give, you can make a donation here-


Anonymous said...

Congratulated for supporting this cause! bye.

Marquinho, RJ , Brazil.

Anonymous said...

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